As the inaugural post of this blog, I’m sharing a Troika! background I made for the TroikaJam game jam. It was fun and got me finally writing game material again. You can download a PDF on here:


Crafted with sticks and twine, draped in burlap clothes and looking out from hollow eyes carved into a pumpkin, you were created to protect the villagers from the spirits who roam freely at harvestime. You were not prepared for the evil that slithered from the soil that first autumn, but with time and practice you will become worthy of your station. 


  • Ragged burlap clothing.
  • Rusty scythe (Damage as Spear, requires two hands to use).
  • Small bag of misshapen gourds.

Advanced Skills

  • 3 Second Sight
  • 2 Scythe Fighting
  • 2 Sneak
  • 1 Awareness 
  • 1 Horticulture
  • 1 Spell – Banish Spirit

Special: Your head may be detached from your body without negative consequence. When separated, your body and head may operate independently.

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